Write a song for your boyfriend

Dedicating this song to him can be a way of telling him there is no one in this world as important as he is to you and that things will always get better having him by your side.

You are so connected that you feel as though he's a mirror of you in your life. Or perhaps you're just feeling a bit schmaltzy? Yes, you can achieve this either by learning the lyrics or having a compilation of love songs and presenting it to him on a special day.

About the Author Deidra Leigh began her freelance writing career in Keep repeating until you've created the perfect melody for your song.

He would definitely love it. Your boyfriend will probably appreciate the modern update and female singer a bit more though.

This amazing song tells him that you would run away with him because you have fallen in love with him. If you want a cute way to show that you care, this is a good song for it. This song lets him know that when you first saw him, you saw love and felt the love from the very first time he touched you.

Go ahead and take a listen. Get the speakers blaring and get down to business!

songs to dedicate to your boyfriend 2018
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