Why write a book series

how to write a series outline

Agatha Christie had Hercule Poirot traveling around and the only constant was the gumshoe and his skills. Please try again. Every story is predictable.

how to write a book series outline

Take Twilight by Stephenie Meyer for example. Now I have a character bible because it helps me keep my characters straight in my head. Rowling had the whole of the Harry Potter series in her head before she started.

Of course, she reserves the right to many more, if other themes present themselves.

How to write a series for tv

But she deliberately stepped away from doing a Christmas book, a Halloween book, a 4th of July book, a fall book, a back-to-school book and so on and so forth. The deception itself can deceive you. Something addictive. With a destination in mind, you simply need to discover the best route to take you there. What is your favorite series and how will your stories compare? If I had read around my sub-genre horrible term! So, to avoid plot holes and angry readers, plan your story from beginning to end. Strategies for a series vary widely. I do recommend that you set off to accomplish at least one thing within each book.

Can the aliens pull off an alien party? Each story is a standalone novel, but he hooked me hard.

book series outline template

I just wanted to know what happens next, now that they have this new life.

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How to Plan a Book Series