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Third chapter is data analysis and interpretation, chapter four conclusion and recommendation were presented. Functional Versus Dysfunctional Conflict Not all conflict is bad. Latent conflict provided the necessary antecedent conditions for conflict in organizations.

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Abdulaziz A. A key or recognizing a dysfunctional conflict is that its origin is often emotional or behavioral. In order to assess the conflict management practice the study was used quantitative and qualitative data analysis method. Primary data were raw data which was gathered by using questionnaires and interview. Transitions in Conflict Thought It is entirely appropriate to say there has been conflict over the role of conflict in groups and organizations. Limited resources Most organizational resources are limited, and individuals and groups have to front of rather share. Stages of Conflicts Conflict can be more readily understood if it is considered as dynamic process. Research Methodology 1. If no one is aware of conflict, then it is generally agreed. That is the equivalent of one day every week, and conflict management skills are a major predictor of managerial success.

Appendix Acknowledgment First and foremost thanks to the almighty God, who permits the smooth accomplishment of this research and this come true with his great contribution Next I would like to express my deepest gratitude for my parents for their support in many aspects.

If no one is aware of conflict, then it is generally agreed.

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Each conflict is made up of a sequence of interlocking conflict episodes. These factors set the conditions that determine the beginning point of the conflict process.

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They have found that groups, placed in a conflict situation tend to react in fairly predictable ways. In these cases, managers will want to encourage the conflict. The general objective of the study was to examine the strategies used in managing conflicts in selected Nigerian universities and the effect of such strategies on the productivity of the academic staff. The study was used 40 samples among 80 employees including their management. In addition, the manager of the organization was interviewed to get additional data. Increased group cohesiveness It is clear that when groups are engaged in a conflict their cohesion tends to increase. Research design and strategy The research design used in the study was basically descriptive in nature. Functional conflict can lead to innovation and positive change for the organization.

In addition, functional conflict can improve working relationship, because when two parties work through their disagreements, they feel they have accomplished something together. Manifest conflict This is the stage for open confrontation. In dysfunctional conflict, the losses to both parties may exceed any potential gain from the conflict.

The study also revealed that the efficacy of conflict management strategies is contingent upon the issues or situation at hand as well as the parties involved.

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They have found that groups, placed in a conflict situation tend to react in fairly predictable ways. We call this the traditional view. The human Relation View of Conflict The human relations view of conflict argued that conflict was a natural occurrence. Additional commonalities in the definition are opposition or incompatibility and some form of interaction. Significance of the Study The study finding can have a base line data to the other researcher who will conduct similar studies and benefit to Aleta land polypropylene bag factory employees to manage conflict. Robbins and Stephen, It employed mixed method approach using Rahim Organizational Conflict Inventory ROC I-II questionnaire; while structured in-depth interviews were carried out eliciting the opinions of Nigerian University stakeholders such as ASUU members, government representatives, management and academic staff from both public and private universities. Further research is recommended in exploring other geo-political regions in Nigeria and also harnessing the views of other stakeholders such as the students, parents, graduates and employers of labour on conflict, and its effect on productivity within the university system. Differences in perception result in different people attaching different meanings to the same stimuli. Unfortunately, these changes generally result in either a continuance or an escalation of the conflict. One way of classifying styles of conflict management is to examine the styles. Perceived Conflict Here the basic sources of conflict like divergent goals, competition for scarce resources do not exist. Research Methodology 1.

Let's take a closer look at each of these view. Nelson and Debra,

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