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Instead, the argument of this paper is simple: digital media have empowered the participants in the Umbrella Movement to effectively communicate, organize, construct identity and gain public attention to their social movement. During the colonial period, the British imperial culture strongly influenced Hong Kong and the main population consisted of refugees from China who were suffering from the political instability in the s to s and treated Hong Kong as a temporary stop only Abbas, They hijacked governmental websites and unleashed distributed denial-of-service DDoS attacks Blum, While notionally allowing for universal suffrage, the decision imposes the standard that "the Chief Executive shall be a person who loves the country and loves Hong Kong," and stipulates "the method for selecting the Chief Executive by universal suffrage must provide corresponding institutional safeguards for this purpose". One of the illustrations was using the umbrella as a symbol to represent Hong Kong and to distinguish it from China. Chung, the year-old former student leader, said in a statement that was translated from Chinese by Hong Kong Free Press. Therefore, Hong Kong was a hybrid of western and eastern migratory cultures and there was an absence of definite Hong Kong identity before the handover. At the same time, Beijing is aware that Hong Kong, because of its past as a British territory, is a special case. However, the discussion still mainly revolved around the political ideological dichotomy between Chinese or post-colonial British citizens, and the identity construction process was certainly dominated by the authorized narrative in a top-down approach. Later, people finish up the tabernacles, making the tent groups to have some form of small communities, such as Nathan Village, Harcourt village and so on. Students urge people who took part in the civil disobedience to go out on the streets again to occupy. As mentioned above, the participants in the Umbrella movement used communication technology to help them come together in an ad-hoc manner to take an action and to achieve a specific aim. He was also indirectly elected by an electoral college of just 1, voters, of which voted for him. New forms of censorship may be established in order to control the free flow of information but it seems hard to effectively censor the digital world. In the Umbrella Movement, to a great extent, digital media were instrumental in the mobilization of participants and organizing.

She was permitted to return to Hong Kong the next day and her Home Return Permit was returned to her. After the handover, narratives have emerged about Hong Kong identity like the one by Ackbar Abbas.

The umbrella movement

However, the international publicity gained was also demonized as the intervention of western powers by some pro-Chinese government media that consequently lost support. Thus, this kind of dichotomous subtyping between blue and yellow ribbons creating divisions could be considered as a counter-productive aspect in the use of digital tools in the social movement.

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Cheng Edmund W. Does everyone in Hong Kong support this movement? He noted that none of the activists had expressed regret for their involvement in the movement.

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In the Umbrella Movement, there were several YouTube live channels by different non-mainstream digital media like the PassionTimes, Hong Kong In-media and Social Record Channel, broadcasting live from the different occupied streets. Thus, in the following parts I will try to discuss this from a dialectic perspective. Watch this space. Identity Construction Thirdly, the digital world empowered the participants to further construct a Hong Kong identity in the Umbrella Movement. Now, inspired by their digital experiences, they were collaborating in the offline world with other smart mobs in allocating rubbish bins, bricks and bamboo scaffoldings and suggesting retreat routes as well as cooperating with other networks like the volunteers from emergency services and some student leaders. For example, I followed a campaign organized on the Hong Kong Golden Forum which suggested people to hang a yellow ribbon on street railings in their communities, and created a WhatsApp group for mobilizing my classmates to post banners encouraging the student protesters and supporting the occupations on the walls of the academic buildings of my home university. Police also claimed that protesters' barricades had prevented reinforcements from arriving on the scene. The eight-month sentences of Eason Chung, a former student leader, and Lee Wing-tat, a retired lawmaker, were suspended. The society was therefore divided as either yellow or blue dichotomously. In addition, there are conspiracy theories pointed out Jimmy Lai is the main source of income in the occupied territories. To a certain extent, the attitudes and forms of participating of the digital natives in social movements such as the Umbrella Movement can be characterized as slacktivism. Former Democratic Party lawmaker Cheung Man-Kwong claimed the occupy campaign was in a "very dangerous situation," and urged them to "sit down and talk, in order to avoid tragedy".

The head of the team is a professional life-guard and unionist. Once I had seen the students retake the Civic Square, I immediately shared the information with my dorm mates and afterwards went to the Square.

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Their group had called for a short sit-in of two or three days, but that turned into a much longer occupation of city streets after the police used tear gas and pepper spray on student protesters. This helped establish and sustain a mass and horizontal information delivery because of the created telepresence. Before the colonization by the British, Hong Kong just had been either a kind of fishing village along the coast or a traditional Chinese wall village in the inland which were both formed by several separate indigenous communities Abbas, Communication technology enables smart mobs to be more practical. Chin was put under house arrest in a room in an airport hotel watched over by two officials and was forbidden from approaching windows. An interesting example was that my friends and I had received a message spread on WhatsApp that the Chinese Communist Government would send the People's Liberation Army to suppress the movement with photos of tanks on the streets of Hong Kong given as evidence. As mentioned above, apart from the political identity construction, Hong Kong identity is also culturally and socially constructed. Privacy violations and cyber bullying also appeared in connection to the Umbrella Movement. Nobody is really sure. A Hong Kong identity has therefore been gradually created collectively. Tommy Cheung, 24, the youngest activist, was sentenced to hours of community service. October 5, 1.

Digital media was thus tactically important in the Umbrella Movement in terms of collective collaboration and cooperation However, inspiration drawn from digital gaming was also essential in empowering the participants in this respect.

At the beginning of the Umbrella Movement, students were using the yellow ribbon as the symbol of this movement and the practice further developed into a supportive campaign and taking of a political stance with people changing their Facebook profile pictures to feature a yellow ribbon.

In an ongoing discussion since the beginning of the movement, there have been polarised definitions of "rule of law" as applied to the civil disobedience movement.

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Their contribution helped successfully defend the occupied spaces by tactically outmaneuvering the clearing and dispersing operation of the police and attempting to expand the occupied areas. As mentioned above, the participants in the Umbrella movement used communication technology to help them come together in an ad-hoc manner to take an action and to achieve a specific aim.

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The Umbrella Movement