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Caputo laid bare his own failings and those of other soldiers in his book, recounting the incident of the two innocent South Vietnamese boys killed by his men. You have to manufacture your own raw material and then shape it.

It teaches brevity, clarity, an accuracy in the use of language, and it certainly teaches you about life. His newest novel Crossers was published in October, and weaves a story that looks at drug trafficking and illegal immigration among other dark elements. I was too much a who-what-where kind of guy.

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With Ghosts of Tsavo, Caputo recounts the scientific debate over a species of maneless African lion. Haunted by guilt over the death of his boyhood friend and combat partner, Bonny George, a death he caused by an error in battlefield judgment, Starkman "implodes into delayed disintegration," according to Los Angeles Times Book Review contributor Dick Roraback. Once returned to that reality, amid the despair of Saigon and the savagery of Beirut, DelCorso wars against his mentor and now chief rival, P. In , he left the paper to devote himself to writing books and magazine articles. It was recently optioned for film or television adaptation. So, please help us - if the information about this author is out of date or inaccurate, and you know of a more complete source, please let us know. As in every battle, some survive and some do not, but Caputo does suggest, at the end, that healing is possible. Though ultimately the charge was dropped, Caputo could not escape the sense of guilt at the deaths of those two young boys. Henderson, review of The Voyage, p. While researching this story, Caputo took up life on the sea, learning firsthand what it feels like to work a small sailing ship on the open ocean.

Frank felt that the book was "architecturally complex" and "thematically complex," but in the final analysis he found it "swollen and disappointing. We try to keep BookBrowse's biographies both up to date and accurate, but with many thousands of lives to keep track of it's a tough task.

Out of the force of his obsession with the war and his role in it, Caputo has revealed the broken idealism and suppressed agony of America's involvement. In Caputo was sent on assignment by Esquire magazine to cover a school shooting in Stockton, California.

Familiar surroundings take on "alien and dangerous" characteristics. He and his wife, Leslie Ware, a retired editor for Consumer Reports magazine, and now a painter and novelist, divide their time between Connecticut and Arizona.

He returned to the United States and found work as a local reporter for the Chicago Tribune.

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But his deeper subject is the vagaries of human nature, especially in the case of the male of the species. He won a Pulitzer Prize in as part of a team that covered an election fraud in Chicago.

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