The beginning of slavery as shown in the film amistad

In the meantime, Baldwin has found a translator. Initial efforts to speak with Cinque and the other Amistad survivors fail, as a blundering linguist cannot help the lawyers understand what the Africans are saying.

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Is Amistad history gone a bit Hollywood? Their decisions can only be overturned by another Supreme Court decision. A courageous decision by Hollywood standards, this device backfired along the way when someone realized that Americans do not like subtitled movies, as foreign filmmakers have known for decades.

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Cinque is calm, composed, and "cultivated" in a manner that is visually consistent with the dominant white society. Elizabeth Guzzo Does the movie Amistad abuse history? The Spanish Queen Isabella II age 11 is informed about the incident and so is President Van Buren, who is campaigning for re-election and who fears that the slaves from the Amistad might damage his chances in the pro-slavery South.

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There is a bit of "reel history" mixed in with ""real history" here. The film admittedly alters some minor facts, but it in no way tries to fundamentally alter the historical backbone of the Amistad insurgence or the resulting legal battle.

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Baldwin finds documents that seem to prove the ship originated in Africa and not in Cuba, which would show that the Africans were not born on plantations thus, legally considered Spanish slaves whose ship had strayed into American waters , but rather that they had been captured in Africa and were the fruits of the illegal international slave trade. Cinque tells Adams of a Mende tradition, which says when a member of the tribe needs help they appeal to their ancestors. TASK 2 Summarize what happens in this scene in writing or orally. The true Baldwin was an abolitionist through and through. In an unfamiliar country and not speaking a single word of English, the Africans find themselves in a legal battle. There is no question that Spielberg took creative license in his creation of the film. Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Propose ways that could solve their language problem. Baldwin finds papers that confirm that the Africans originally sailed on a Portuguese vessel, the Tecora, which was engaged in illegal slave trade. The crucial treaty governing the case was not only the one from , which might require the slaves to be returned to Spain, but also the Anglo-Spanish treaty which outlawed the purchase of Africans in Africa for enslavement and the American-Spanish treaty which confirmed the Pinckney treaty pp. Two Naval officers, Thomas R. One prime example of this is director Steven Spielberg's decision to have Roger Baldwin—a man in his late '40s at the time when he served as lawyer for the fifty-three captured West Africans and just three years from being elected the governor of Connecticut—portrayed by actor Matthew McConaughey, who was just a twenty-seven-year-old heartthrob when the film was released.

Ina bill was passed by Parliament abolishing the trade with enslaved people within the British colonies, followed by the Slavery Abolition Act of

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The Amistad Case in Fact and Film