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As MLL rearrangements in these patients can arise during in utero fetal hematopoiesis Gale et al. Despite these well-supported links between topoisomerase II action and MLLbcr breakage, several lines of evidence indicate that topoisomerase II is not essential for this process.

The striking disparity in the distribution of breakpoints associated with de novo vs. Results The study cohort To analyze the recombinome of the human MLL gene, prescreened acute leukemia samples were obtained from the above-mentioned centers from to However, caspase activation seems not to be required for MLL breakage and rearrangements in each cellular setting.

The majority of cases occur during the first 5 years after treatment of primary cancer Shivakumar et al. Translocation breakpoint junctions of a t 4; 11 and a t 9; 11 secondary leukemia patients were found to coincide with topoisomerase II sensitive sites, even though not consensus sequences, in the centromeric and telomeric MLLbcr fragment, respectively Lovett et al.

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Due to the mode-of-action of epipodophyllotoxins and anthracyclines, which have widely been used in cancer therapy, and support from in vitro experiments, cleavage of this MLL breakpoint cluster hotspot by poisoned topoisomerase II was proposed to trigger the molecular events leading to malignant transformation. In our recent work, we used T47D cells, which are known to mimic the MLLbcr cleavage pattern of lymphoblastoid cells after genotoxic treatment Mirault et al. Cell Dev. Stem Cells Dev. Importantly, replication and transcription cannot be looked upon separately, because collisions between transcription and replication machineries or RNA-DNA hybrid R-loops formed during transcription are known to impede replication fork progression Macheret and Halazonetis, Deregulated checkpoint control might permit repair of the resulting DSBs and thus survival, while erroneous DSB repair might rearrange MLL in some cells mediating malignant transformation Stanulla et al. This genomic DNA fusion sequence is idiosyncratic for each leukemia patient and was made available to the sender of the DNA sample.

Other replication blocking insults may arise from environmental, nutritional, and life-style risk factors, as well as from therapeutic interventions such as chemo- and radiotherapies, i.

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The molecular biology of mixed lineage leukemia