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In this study, three value initiatives are studied, training, job enrichment and internal labor market. The appraisal scheme has to be applied to achieve performance results. Hence managers must strive to achieve results from the management of human, material, and financial resources all of which should be motivated by setting standards, measuring performance and taking appropriate action to improve performance by means of training and helping. This has a bearing to the research conducted by Armstrong , where they found that the 51 organisations covered by the research used feedback to help in assessing development needs. Do they add flexibility and focus to the organization? It therefore calls for an intermediate feedback in order to be effective. Not so long ago, a business could have a competitive advantage simply secured by geographic location alone. This study should be of interest to both human resource professionals, as well as other members of management, as improving the organizational bottom line is a primary concern for all levels of management. In addition, there are some areas of value initiatives that were incomplete in the NOS data, as in measurement of training effectiveness. Writers like Drucker , were enthusiastic about appraisal. Competitors now surface not from companies operating under similar external and internal environments, in close proximity of one another, but from all four corners of the globe.

It is these practices that improve individual performance that can be implemented by human resource professionals in their organization, across a variety of industries.

As the number of tasks became too cumbersome for one person to handle, the position was further subdivided into categories such as: payroll, hiring, training, contract administration, and union negotiation.

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Okumbe asserts that performance helps in evaluating how a worker succeeds in his present job and this is important for estimating how well he or she will perform in the future. First and foremost, it is assumed that the NOS sample design was appropriate and accurately represents the population. He says that through this method, the management can collect a lot of information that is useful for purposes of promotion, advancements, transfers, termination or lay offs or training and development of staff. Do they add flexibility and focus to the organization? This affects the preciseness of the measurement of the variables. All of which are results of a successful appraisal system. In , Delaney and Huselid found that these practices had significant effect on organizational performance, by utilizing data retrieved from National Organizations Survey, It serves to determine how well an employee is working and decides on ways to improve performance. The cognitive component represents the beliefs of a person about an object. Included in this evolvement is the realization that improving individual capacities has a significant effect on increasing and improving workplace productivity. Much as this has been in practice little attention has been put on Performance Appraisal Scheme; more often than not the Ministry officials, Education service and head teachers have complained of the effectiveness of this scheme. Nayarana, further believes that performance appraisal is based on the principle of management by agreement or contract rather than management by command.

Cole This study hypothesizes that improved individual actions facilitated by value initiatives such as training, job enrichment and internal labor market development will equate to positive organizational and market performance.

Do they add flexibility and focus to the organization? For many years, the public service employees had to rely on a closed system of assessing individual performance- called Annual Confidential Report ACRs.

In addition to the loss of advantage, organizations are now faced with competing with businesses operating under often completely foreign internal and external environments.

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It therefore calls for an intermediate feedback in order to be effective. They usually feel that, the use of appraisal schemes tend to interfere with the work of coaching.

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The concept of feedback in performance management was highly internalised by performance data on an individual in group derived from a number of stakeholders on their performance. First, one must identify the strategic value initiative being utilized. Downsizing of personnel, as organizational charts were slenderized, became a critical issue, as was the replacement of people by technology. Consumers and shareholders felt an increasing need for corporate social responsibility. Human capital, when utilized effectively and efficiently, is a rare and inimitable resource that an organization can utilize to build sustainable competitive advantage. In organizational setting, performance appraisal is defined as a structured formal interaction between a subordinate and supervisor, that usually takes the form of a periodic interview annual or semi-annual , in which the work performance of the subordinate is examined and discussed, with a view to identifying weaknesses and strengths as well as opportunities for improvement and skills development McNamara, I would also in a special way want to recognise my supervisors Mr. The research study was carried out in Kabale Municipality where it was found out that performance appraisal is not generally well conducted. Babimpa Nuwagaba Edwin and Mrs. In view of the above, Eliza argued that in many organisations, the appraisal system has been mishandled.

Communication and sensitivity arose as significant motivational tools for managers to utilize in increasing the productivity of their workforce. As the Industrial Revolution took hold in nineteenth century America, machines were introduced increasing productivity, as well as the number of employees an enterprise would have in their employ.

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