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I did not realize how much I would be editing, peer reviewing, and proof reading in English I found myself wanting to search deeper and deeper and continue to learn about the workings of high school Student Councils.

Both of the essays above tested my analyzing skills as well as my argument skills. The structure of this course allowed me to do my best without excessive time and stress.

In addition, the meeting with my English professor was very helpful. My writing skills were challenged in a way that they have not been challenged before. I have always enjoyed challenges and opportunities to expand my knowledge and this class provided me with both challenging expansion of my previously gained writing skills as well as completely new material and insight.

Although I am relieved to never be required to take another English course, I am extremely pleased with my first and only college English experience.

english 1101 reflection essay

The flow of my essay was lacking, and I needed more direction. The inquiry project challenged me to write more than a report and while it was not easy I greatly enjoyed it.

I have been writing college essays for almost four years, and I thought that my writing skills were excellent. I worked hard during the course of this semester and really feel my work reflects my improvment and dedication to my education.

I was surprised that we utilized time in class for peer revision because in my other college courses this was something to be done on your own time.

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The structure of this course allowed me to do my best without excessive time and stress. The writing skills and techniques that I have learned from being in this class are a work in progress; they are skills have not been mastered yet. I revised my conclusion paragraph because one of my peers had said that it felt like another paragraph was starting rather than ending. The assignment required us to identify and explain whether eportfolio were visual arguments or not; such a task was not easy for eportfolio has no intention to persuade its readers. Final Reflection My Final Reflective essay At the beginning of the semester, I saw this class as a requirement that I needed to get done as soon as possible. Having the opportunity to write and work with something I truly enjoy and that has impacted my life in such a great way really made the boring English assignment feeling disappear. I learned new techniques regarding how to write my own opinions, describe conversations with varying perspectives, and form persuasive arguments with numerous claims. Likewise, Montgomery college has a writing center dedicated to helping students prosper in their writing journey. I strongly feel as if my performance in the course reflects my dedication and eagerness to learn and become a better writer and overall student. As I dived a little deeper, I came across some research that posed ideas for why deployments can be beneficial as well as the many programs that are available to the families. Despite receiving high marks on those essays, I think I could have benefitted from creating a first draft. Inquiry three was not my first research paper, but rather one of many I had written for college. For my revision, I took into account the comments made by my peers.

While the material taught in high school honors and advanced placement courses is necessary and beneficial in everyday writing, I feel as if this course has better prepared me for college writing assignments on a different level.

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Final Reflection