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Topics: Is the population healthy?

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Year 8: all students study in detail a play by Shakespeare, analyse a novel, write and study poetry, work on literature including pre-twentieth century works and the social, cultural and historical contexts, a range of non-fiction including print media and journalism, writing skills, readings skills, grammar and spelling and developing and extending personal reading habits. Read the Glacial Hydrology page. Module 2 topics include: revision of hygiene, safety and healthy eating; modifying recipes to fit in with healthy eating; shopping techniques; advertising; food labelling; food commodities; vegetarianism; and being able to evaluate the quality of dishes. Students are then led through a series of GCSE style projects responding to a range of stimuli, including the artwork of Banksy, Video games and the virtual world, and performing a number of short plays. Topics covered include healthy romantic relationships, body image and female objectification, gender, risk taking, personal finance, careers and parenting. Take a look at the Research Design page to help you. Each area will be in blocks of thirteen weeks with two lessons per week. Mendeleveium and Rutherfordium — who or what? Year 8: students study a number of topics — Rivers; Flooding; Population; Globalisation and fair-trade; Africa; environmental issues. How was the world made? What happens on a rollercoaster?

Check your facts: What are the most common misconceptions about glaciers? Students also follow Citizenship modules, including law, government and politics, moral dilemmas and global issues.

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Help with revision at all levels can be found on Schoology. You can read about this on the Geography Fieldwork Investigation page. Understanding the sediments in this drumlin would make a good study!

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The 5 pillars of Islam. Take a look at the Research Design page to help you.

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