An analysis of the war in vietnam and the influence of ho chi minh

An analysis of the war in vietnam and the influence of ho chi minh Posted on March 30, by The most enthusiastic of Jasper, his depreciation on Saturdays.

He was a Communist, but he was a Communist because he was a nationalist. They were only partly successful.

ho chi minh vietnam war

But he stayed around long enough to see the shape that the postwar era would take. In the Philippines, Lansdale could choose the politician he wanted to work with; in Vietnam, he had to play the card he was dealt.

When it became fashionable several decades ago for historians to focus on niche topics, proponents argued that this research would shed new light on big historical questions. Teachers can also ask students to discuss the effectiveness of this address.

Langguth, assumed that the artlessness and the harmonica playing were an act, that Lansdale was a deeply canny operative who hid his real nature from everyone.

The United States engaged in a number of high-handed and extralegal interventions in the affairs of other nations during the Cold War, but nothing damaged our reputation like Vietnam.

Ho chi minh domestic policies

History is lived once. Like many Westerners of his education and generation, Fenton had hoped for a Vietcong victory, and he was impressed by the soldiers of the North Vietnamese Army when they marched into the city. Lansdale was reassigned to Vietnam in , but Diem was dead. By the time active American military engagement ended, the United States had dropped more than three times as many tons of bombs on Vietnam, a country the size of New Mexico, as the Allies dropped in all of the Second World War. Herring, George. As a result, most academic and journalistic accounts of the war written during and shortly afterwards depicted Vietnam as a bad war that the United States should not have fought. David L. The Vietnam he imagined was a Western fantasy. Probably not.

George C. By then, French forces had begun returning to Vietnam.

Ho chi minh biography

Unquestioned faith in his own motives is what allowed him to manipulate others for what he knew would be their own ultimate good. He and Nhu were assassinated shortly after they surrendered. As the historian Frederik Logevall has shown in his terrific books Embers of War and Choosing War , Truman and his successors passed by many other "off ramps" on the road to the American war in Vietnam. Illustration by Bill Bragg Audio: Listen to this story. Only the Communists, he had concluded, were truly committed to the principle of self-determination in Asia. Is his argument persuasive? English was the language used by the government. Marines landed at Danang. He made his own rules. History is lived once. Goscha, Christopher.

The more we look at American decision-making in Vietnam, the less sense it makes. They need to sell the benefits of the regime they are fighting for, and to do so by demonstrating, concretely, their commitment to the lives of the people.

Historians still debate what Kennedy would have done regarding Vietnam had he lived beyond November He highlighted nefarious aspects of Vietnamese Communism that orthodox historians had missed or ignored, and concluded that Vietnamese nationalists like Ngo Dinh Diem offered a viable alternative to Communism.

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Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnam War